Watch SANDWICH, the prequel to The Crews now!

The Crews was a project that was originally conceived out of another short film, Sandwich.  Sandwich was filmed in November 2006 and it was in Sandwich we set up the story line for The Crews.  Sandwich gives us an introduction to Tommy Granger and his situation of being retired from the life.  Tommy is a character that has walked from the life of crime many years ago, but he has recently become involved in situations that threaten to pull him back into the life of crime.

Sandwich stars Robert Harrison as Tommy Granger and features Chris Somerville, Joe Cassidy and Andrew McIntosh in supporting roles.  All characters in Sandwich return to reprise their roles in The Crews.

To watch Sandwich please check out the embeded video below or to watch in Full HD and find out more about the film please visit the Official Website by clicking here: