crews_v2 The Crews is an Independent TV series based on the lives of two notorious crime figures in Glasgow.  One Tommy Granger; a retired underworld figure who is looking to stay out of the life of crime, and the other, Mick Turner, former partner of Tommy who is currently at the top of his trade, but is looking for an easy way to get out before the going gets tough.

The Crews was produced by an independent group of enthusiastic film-makers and actors looking to create something special.  Initially the project was a follow on from the short film Sandwich, which starred Robert Harrison as Tommy Granger and was directed by Colin Ross Smith.  Having never seen a Scottish series like the hit US Shows such as the Sopranos and The Wire, Creators Kolin Ferguson and Colin Ross Smith set out to create a Scottish equivalent of the above shows in a style that the people of Scotland could associate with as a follow on from Sandwich.

The Crews was developed to be pitched as a TV series to TV networks, but with the state of the economy it was difficult to persuade TV Execs to commission a show produced by a company with literally no track record.

It then became pretty obvious that the way to go with the show was the internet and in the summer of 2011 the show’s feature length pilot was re-edited into smaller webisodes.  The show is set to launch soon with the hopes that the company can use the first batch of episodes to help fund the remaining episodes and finish the story off.

With a cast of exciting actors, young and old The Crews takes the viewer from the streets of Glasgow to the streets of Amsterdam and back again.  The complex and layered story telling and ensemble cast make The Crews a great show for repeat and marathon viewing.